Tanzania: Minister Mkenda – Doors Are Open for Fertilizer Importers

MINISTER of Agriculture, Professor Adolf Mkenda has called upon traders to import large stock of fertilizers to cater the country’s needs.

Speaking at a press conference held in Mwanza on Sunday, he invited anyone approved by the Fertilizer Regulatory Authority to import the product, as a strategy to cut down the cost to the end users.

Prof Mkenda assured traders that the government will support them when they face challenges regarding the importation of the fertilizers.

He disclosed that he had already held talks with several companies in the country regarding the importation of the fertilizer.

He said his ministry had successfully cleared the fertilizer shipments stranded at the port as he argued traders should expect to experience the competition in the market.

According to the Minister, fertilizers demand in the country stands at 700,000 tonnes per year adding it has shot up as more farmers use it to boost productivity.

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